Letter to my heart

Dear heart,

Why are you like this?
Why do you incessantly insist this necessity of love interest,
Not really wanting to commit at this time but just for the heck of it?
Women are not for your benefit, so suck on this loneliness and cherish it
Be humble and treasure the sweet tender nectar of patience and relish it
For fainting at every brown skin is not productive for reaping in due time,
Curls don’t yield the returns to which your investments define.
So you better get back in my chest, keep time to that 4/4
Play to the score of my vocal chords when I say chill.
Not every beautiful soul is yours to behold,
Celebrate them and nurture them to grow.
Be their brother, their friend, towards no end,
But just to treat them as daughters of your most High God.
You are desperately wicked, whimsical and intrepid
You go too far and you’re way to reckless,
But I wanna care for you because honestly, you’re just too stupid
To really think on your own.
I worked really hard to piece you back together,
But duct tape and super glue won’t last forever.
Take some time, let the stitches hold.
Beat again. Feel again.
Let the blood circulate within, oxygenate and release
In the constant ebb and flow of time.
Don’t push yourself.
My arteries are just fine so stop falling victim to that silly archery.
Cupid ain’t Jesus.
And neither are you.
It’ll be fine little buddy.
Just trust me.


All credit to theAwkwardYeti.com