Note to Self

Rancid as the raunchy ruses of your adolescent mind

You retracted to remote locations

Ravishing your love on foreign gods.

Ferric the blood rushing to your nostrils,

It drips red and rusty; marring your innocence;

Guilt like a raging bull at the sight.

Musty from the sweat of resistance you lie,

Too strong to repel your pride,

Too weak to resist your struggle.

It’s okay to risk second glances to from varnished floors,

Rather than resorting to fresh pine wood.

Rummaging through your trash only restricts you,

Restraining you from the truth;

Learn that you are loved.

Let His love lavish you in lavender,

Relinquishing the reminiscent stains of the past.

He’ll leverage your loneliness with forces centripetal

Launching you to lovely  fields,

Labelling you fearfully and wonderfully made.

Love yourself, inhale the bouquet of your radiance,

And shine for others to see.



Life proposes pauses;

A distinct monotone

Of mundane and muddled melodies

Missing the distinct, sharp punctuation of the things

You hope for or despise.

A palpable discourse of respite:

Most times, needed but not wanted.

You wait

A lot


Life itself at times.

Nights staring into nothing when silence catches on

Because the hustle of the day is done.

Running on fumes, no longer able

To overcome the inertia of your own stubbornness

You listen to the Voices

That have been speaking ever since.

Slow down.


My Grace is sufficient for you.

To walk in the blessing

Hi everyone! 😀

Just thought I’d leave something for you that I wrote a couple of years ago. Hope you enjoy!


To walk in the blessing

there’s a journey you must take,

past the point of unbelief

and beyond the guilt of your mistakes.

But what does it take to get there?

Faith like a mustard seed

and to trust with passion undying

To move into a land of promise

You have to keep on trying…

But can you walk alone?

If you perish, you perish,

for that’s what it takes

You give it your all,

Even if what you love most is at stake,

for His glory of course.

You seek Him first,

and walk circumspectly,

Persevering all the while,

When it doesn’t come immediately…

But it is hard sometimes…

It’s hard to walk in the blessing

when pressure screams at the door,

and the only voice you hear

is your own shouting “No more!”

But you keep on keeping on

LIke an Olympian at Athens

You don’t give up and you PUSH

you pray until something Happens

In the midst of your trial

you look to your Comfort and Rod

You stand still and wait

to know that He is God

And with wings like eagles

you soar up high,

continuing to walk but not fainting

no weariness to your eyes

For you know Your God

that He is a faithful friend

That those who love Him and are called

Good things come to them

You trod with your Cross toward Him

With Job like patience

When storms arise and floods raise against you

You have faith to walk on oceans.

You walk in the blessings

That He called you to receive

stumbling at times

but leaning on His mercy.

For when you were weak

His strength was perfect

so you kept on pressing

And became a more effective witness

Through hardship and trails,

and deep in the valley

You kept on walking to your destination.

faithfully toward your destiny.

But now, in the midst of your trial

You wonder if you’ll make it and how long,

But then He gently reminds you,

you’ve been walking in blessings all along.

And with one more step, your journey continues.

A Reflection on Psalm 18

“I love you, O Lord, my strength. The Lord is my rock and my fortress and my deliverer, my God, my rock, in whom I take refuge, my shield, and the horn of my salvation, my stronghold.”

Psalm 18: 1-2 [ESV]

David simply has a way with words that truly fascinates me. This excerpt encompasses the main point of Psalm 18, but you really need to get into the meat of the matter to truly have a grasp of why he loves God so much. His story truly shows that his back was against the wall. His struggle was severe, and his heart failing. In his distress, he called out to the Lord, who heard him, and came to his aid.

Now I’m sure at some point in time you may have seen one of those gangster movies, whereby some rival gang came and did some injustice to someone, and the whole gang arose to retaliate in this person’s defence. I’d like you to think of how angry they were that someone would hurt their friend. Recall how riled up they get when they do decide to venture onto foreign turf to wage war.

Now think about the God of the Universe doing that. HOW CRAZY IS THAT RIGHT? Yet here we are, in Psalm 18, hearing about the wrath of God that was kindled against David’s adversaries, and how the very foundations of the earth was shaken. In a brilliant, brash and brutal display of His power, the Lord came to His rescue.

David mentioned that with the merciful God shown Himself merciful. To  the blameless He was blameless and so it goes, but with the crooked He made Himself seem tortuous. He indicates this inclusive buy-in to this level of security and safety in God, which, thankfully for us, is available through salvation and Christ’s finished work on the cross. Only then would our hope in Verse 24’s declaration hold firm, as we are justified by grace through faith. Of course, in those days the laws of the Old Testament included provisions for receiving the forgiveness of sins, and so he was not simply tooting his own horn by saying that he was blameless.

Now I don’t want to wrongfully describe an illusory fantasy of us simply calling on God and He comes in, guns blazing, ready to massacre our enemies and rescue us like damsels in distress. David describes God as the One who equipped him with strength [v.32] and enabled him to achieve his victory. He was an active participant in God’s plan for his own redemption from his enemies, and he rightly attributes his success to the support and strength that God provided.

So, what does this mean for us? It means that in our times of distress, we have the greatest backup of all time. In our time of need, once we call upon the name of the Lord, in all humility and purity through our sanctification in Christ, that we will be strengthened and able to find our W in the midst of the L’s. David was facing literal war in those days. What are you facing? Examination worries? Financial stress perhaps?  And what would your victory be? Perhaps it might not be how you envisioned it, but one thing is sure, that He will be a shield for you. In the midst of it all, like David, be sure that He alone is exalted!

“This God—his way is perfect;

the word of the LORD proves true;

he is a shield for all those who take refuge in him.”

Psalm 18:30 [ESV]