Contemplation by the Mountainside

Maybe I’m the one that misses you.
Maybe in my world,
The dust that settled on this barren rock
Shifted just a little.
Maybe there’s little murmurs under the surface,
Little flutters and gentle twitches alight on still grass.
Maybe there’s magma bubbling up,
As plates shift and drift apart,
Lava lifting to the surface.
Just maybe
There’s love.

[Quiet] Time

Very recently I was blessed with the opportunity to visit our sister isle Tobago in order to attend a three day seminar on Biblical Preaching. It was an adventure in of itself, what with me falling ill just before departure and it affecting my voice drastically as the days progressed, and I’m still recovering but God knows what He’s doing. I’ve been so tremendously blessed during this time that  I have no complaints. The fun part about it was that the house where we were staying had no WiFi, and so the millennial in me was writhing in discomfort.

In the midst of that was a rekindling that  only the calm, peaceful shores of God’s love can bring. Being away from all the not-so-meaningful distractions of notifications and conversations that are important but could wait sometimes, I was able to interact with God’s Word so deeply and clearly that my life was cradled in the peace that passes understanding that He promises to provide. This came in a time where I’ve been feeling discouraged about my time of waiting on Him for direction. It’s easy to feel lost when you’re walking on paths unfamiliar to you; easier still to feel tired when you are unsure of where your destination is.

As I stood on the shore and took the picture above, I reflected on God’s faithfulness. I fully understood how the skies declare the glory of God as Psalm 19 says, and having studied that very psalm the same day, God reminded me how lovely and valuable His word is to Him. I quoted verse 14 then, a popular verse, that these words from my mouth and the meditation of my heart would be pleasing to Him.


“May these words of my mouth and this meditation of my heart
be pleasing in your sight,
Lord, my Rock and my Redeemer.”

-Psalm 19:14 [NIV]

I remember days after returning to Trinidad, where I would’ve spent the majority of the day without  giving Him the priority and place that He should’ve had. As I settled in to pray in the evening before bed, He’d gently remind me that I didn’t give Him His seat on the throne. It truly broke my heart. Like the priests in Malachi’s time, I had presented a polluted offering to Him, when He is deserving of so much more. And so I’ve been praying to increasingly love Him more, and value Him enough to  give Him what  He deserves:  my everything.

Quiet time with Christ is often one of the things we neglect so often. In a fast paced society that constantly demands our attention, we easily forfeit precious moments in prayer and bible study to the pursuit of things that are sometimes good, but not nearly as profitable. It’s often only in times of  frustration that we decide to turn to Him, when if we spent our lives seeking Him consistently, many of those situations would be avoided, and in the midst of those  we’d be comforted in the truths that the Holy Spirit brings to our remembrance.

Even as my family enters a somewhat difficult time, I’m glad to be reminded of the importance of our relationship with Christ. I’m glad to know that He is a comfort, a healer and able to do  more than I can ask or think. My prayer is that you would join me in presenting our bodies as daily living sacrifices  for His glory! Don’t worry if you don’t get it right immediately. Just keep striving. You’ll get there 🙂

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