Countdown part 1

12 months could never encapsulate the gem that I’ve found in you,
I’ll even say a lifetime won’t be enough to declare the truth
Of ten I think about how much value your love has added to my life
To say it’s benign is quite the understatement.
We said grace as we ate
Seventy times seven we’ve forgiven each other
Even when troubles hit us for six
HI fives, hugs and kisses always replace the tears in God’s timing.
I couldn’t ask for anyone better
Three words is all I have left
And I can’t wait to say them to you.
You are the only one for me babe,
I love you.

Dark Clouds

Dark clouds bring with them a heaviness;
Stifling humidity that chokes rays of sunlight
Threatening to burst into waterworks without warning.
You shelter when the storms beckon,
Enduring diligently for rain’s reprieve
bucketing the leaks to cover your bases
lest all your precious things get ruined.
Dark skies cloud your judgement.
Silver tongued plumes that birth unease.
Sieving the optimism of the day to leave glum residue,
and chiseling the edges of a smooth, polished constitution.
They burst
and fall
and pour
and pour
flooding streets, filling banks, washing all away
poking holes in the security of your home.
But eventually
They come to an end.
Grey skies, weighty but waning,
The sun will shine again.

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Wrap me in your roses love,

For your embrace is ever dear.

An aroma of home in a bed of beauty

For butterflies to dance evermore,

Like the ones inside my bosom.

Wrap me in your roses love,

For you warm my world with them.

On coldest days they are a fireplace,

Where passion burns ever brightly,

Glistening in your eyes.

Wrap me in your roses love,

Even when they sting.

They may hurt at times,

But together we look so beautiful,

And blossom beyond our pain.

Wrap me in your roses love,

For I want none other but yours.

You were made uniquely and wonderfully,

Arrayed like none other.

You are a garden I cherish.

My Spirit is attractive

My spirit is attractive
and no, I don’t mean it’s pretty.
It attracts energy; kleptomaniac for subtle meanings behind words and actions
of my life’s almanac, all to subtly distract my mind from the intent of it all.
An unseen attack, the bandit of my 26 year old adventure,
The anchor in my grand caper that weighs down the paper of my self esteem because
While I remain unbothered, my spirit bothers me.
Since infancy, it has weaved insecurities based on evidences
of perhaps and maybes
All inclusive to the inconclusive notions of my worthiness.
A fete of regrets, revelrous distress that says I am repulsive
Cooler filled with intoxicating beverages that dull my judgement
And leave me dancing to the music of my maladies.
My spirit is attractive
And unless I address the conflict between my truth and what’s true
It will forever digress to the former.
A divisive demeanor that says that my happiness
Will always have a denominator of stress that leads me
To become only a fraction of the man I’m meant to be
Until I learn to stand up for myself,
The mess of of negativity will always overwhelm my kind, gentle heart.
Quite frankly,
I’m still working on it. I’m still learning.

Let go of the knife

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What do you do when the person you love the most hurts you?

We have a tendency to magnify pain and exaggerate injury

Making an accidental graze feel like a stab in the back

I look you in the eyes and realized that I’m the one holding the knife

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Moments are like sand they say;


They pass you by, grainy as they go.

You often wish you can take them back

But they slip through your fingers,

Gone with the winds,

Cascading into pools of distant thoughts

Foggy with steams of emotions that

Remind you they were there.

But some do stick with you.

They collect in sandstorms of passion,

Quicksands of regret

And desolate lands of trauma, where nothing

Seems to grow.

You peer through glass walls and watch them drift by

Glossing over every grain and musing over what could’ve or should’ve been.

Eventually it runs out,

And you contemplate if you should let it stay there,

But sometimes,

You flip it over and watch it all over again.

Swan dive

I make a swan dive off the cliff

Ever plummeting

Winds trumpeting over my ears,

Clapping my eyelids,

Buffeting as gravity spurs me on.

I brace for impact,

But never seem to hit the water.